Dr Vaibhav Gupta

Healthy lifestyle & medical educator

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The rise of covid19 cases around the world Compelled WHO to announce this outbreak, a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Health care workers around the world working 24×7 without distinct humans race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition. To stop next global pandemic we all need to have a sustainable lifestyle.

We are happy , you are with Dr Vaibhav Gupta, Surgeon-Scientist in Toronto to learn “healthy lifestyle” and “how to study, read & learn medicine in a medical school”

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Episode 8: Crossing Borders with Dr. Vaibhav Gupta

Tune into today’s podcast with Dr Vaibhav Gupta, a General Surgery resident at the University of Toronto. We discussed his incredible journey as an International Medical Graduate having completed medical school in England. We also discussed his many hats as a mentor, medical education enthusiast, and PhD candidate. Listen in now to hear his amazing words of advice for current medical students, reminding us all that a helping hand is always nearby.

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