Sold By: Pencil for Change


GENERAL – These Men’s braces are made with handmade colorful threads needed to support you in everyday life. gives you a sense of confidence without relying on a belt! The model is 5ft 8″tall and 28″ waist for comparison. WEAR – Very strong and durable, great look trousers for the informal look. Perfectly set these braces off with a shirt, bow tie, and a tweed jacket! Don’t hold back! SIZING – The simple one size fits all approach with these braces makes them hugely versatile and easy to wear, whether you’re 5ft or 6ft tall you’ll find these work perfectly top suit your needs. DIMENSIONS – 3.5cm in width and 90cm in length. The material is not very stretchy and the adjustable clips allow for ease of use and a wide range of size preference without compromising on comfort. FINER DETAIL – Because we don’t want to let you down, All our braces come with extra sturdy strong clips and belt loops for versatility! Rock the look the conventional way, smart or casual!

Preserve your memories with us!

∗We provide a piece of exclusive artwork that will be priceless to you and won’t be available in any shop. We come here with exclusive artwork for your favorite shoes that you want to preserve as a memory because it provided you with great comfort because it’s sole got embedded with your footprint because it traveled with you and made you travel so many places. We understand your emotions attached to your shoes and when the shoe condition reaches a point where you still don’t want to get rid off it, we are here for you with the solution. Just because we care for you and your emotions, we make a story of yours as an art installation which will be exclusive for you only. You can also send us 5 of your memorable photographs with your loved ones that remind you of this shoes and we will create a story and frame it as an artwork which you can use as a wall hanging in your living room or can decorate it as an art piece in your home. Note: The above service will be valid whenever you want to. No two shoes will be identical. It’s just one on the earth. Every pair will be unique and stroke will be different. All our art forms will be unique and different from each other. ∗Terms & conditions apply. No charges are applicable for conceptualization & execution. Material cost and Shipping taxes will be charged.