Climate Change & North Pole Polar Bear


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#northpole storytelling! Can we all live with #climatestrike & without these cute #animalplanet #polarbear #dolphin ….Currently, the world situation is, we are hugely empowered with technology, if we have to be empowered then we need to be responsible. Today It does not need 7.2 billion people to destroy our planet. One man can destroy this beautiful planet with the wrong button! Both the poles of our beautiful earth are more sensitive to any change in the planet’s climate than the rest of the planet. In the face of ongoing global warming, the poles are warming faster than lower latitudes. Before it is too late, we all have to be responsibly empowered & take care of our planet! The main impact of climate change is polar melting. The rise in temperature empowers the greenhouse effect and melting of the ice especially at the North Pole, causing a rise in sea level, which has already been noticed in many coastal areas and the loss of sea ice affects polar bears’ ability to find food. #handwork #carbonneutral Our exclusive brand identity “#climatechange & North Pole polar bear ” #yearround hand-embroidered organic low carbon #sustainableclothing collection @invoguevari #sustainablefashion @invoguevari reduce carbon footprint 👣 #sustainabledevelopmentgoals #nopoverty fashion , #handembroidery #luxuryfashion #luxurywear #wearart #supportthecause #beunique #hoodies #sweatshirts #jumper #shirt #tshirt #menswear #womenswear #kidswear #luxury_club #invoguevari #sustainableliving @pencilforchangePreserve your memories with us!

Preserve your memories with us!

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