Peacock Backpack


* Leather top handle. Two adjustable buckled shoulder straps.
* buckle pocket on the front with a leather buckle, Slip pocket with zip on the interior.
* 100 years old Indian post card and tiger are printed on the front.
* Lined with handwoven fabrics
* 44 cm H x 33 cm L x 21 cm D.
* Shell: cotton. Lining: cotton Trim: leather.

Sold By: Pencil for Change
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On this leather-trimmed canvas backpack, Peacock is dancing melodiously, they are found in many regions of the country but are still elusive creatures with their intriguing behaviours and gorgeous feathers. Bag packs are outcomes of storytelling and learning sessions organised by chrysalis foundation for self expression. At the end of each session, underprivileged kids (mostly orphan children) express their feelings and understanding freely in the form of artwork in an open canvas. These art work then woven or imprinted in to products, exclusively made by invoguevari London (vari studios) , Pencilforchange .