savetheocean: Upside-down A


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🐢🐠🐬🐳🐋🐙🦀 “save the ocean: Upside-down A” #handembroidered organic collection: Pre-industrial-era oceans had a pH of 8.2. Currently, it is 8.1, and the acidified watermarking a significant impact on the ecosystem from a relatively minor change. Let’s save them and us before it is too late! ⚓️Celebrating #worldmaritimeday. Sea 🌊 levels rising faster! fighting #oceanpollution & #climatechange.. Ocean life is waiting, right here, right now, are you ready! We are connected with the sea, especially in relation to seaborne trade, fishing, surfing, cruising but how about polluting and making miserable for “dolphins and other maritime mammals”. Let’s save our oceans 🌊 together 🏄‍♂️ 🚤🛳🎣 The “#alphabets” #underwater collection for Birthday and special day celebration 🍾 , help pull turtles, fishes and sea creatures back from the brink of extinction! Encouraging #sustainablefishing Fighting #oceanpollution #climatechange by supporting conservation initiative! #unenvironment goal! #sustainablefashion #organicbabyclothes #sweatshirt #hoodies #jumpers #organicshirt #organicliving #kidswear #womenswear #menswear

Preserve your memories with us!

*We provide a piece of exclusive artwork that will be priceless to you and won’t be available in any shop. We come here with an exclusive artwork for your favorite cloth that you want to preserve as a memory because it provided you with great comfort and warmth because it makes you remember all the places you visited and all the people you met wearing it. We understand your emotions attached to your cloth and when the condition of that cloth reaches to a point where you still don’t want to get rid of it, we are here for you with the solution.

Just because we care for you and your emotions, we make a story of yours as an art installation which will be exclusive for you only. You can also send us 5 of your memorable photographs with your loved ones that remind you of this cloth and we will create a story and frame it as an artwork which you can use as a wall hanging in your living room or can decorate it as an art piece in your home.*

Note: The above service will be valid whenever you want to. No two sweatshirts will be identical. It’s just one on the earth. Every sweatshirt will be unique and embroidery will be different. All our art forms will be unique and different from each other. ∗*Terms & conditions apply. No charges are applicable for conceptualization & execution. Material cost and Shipping taxes will be charged.