DIY or Do-It-Yourself means you’re choosing to do a task or creating a product yourself with no direct help from an expert. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn to resources for help, it still counts as doing it yourself. DIY is really about you seeking out the knowledge and developing the skills you need to do something that you would normally pay someone else to do for you.

Understandably, the “DIY” label gets added to a lot of projects, and basically, everything from patching a hole in a wall yourself to making your own Home decor (or even a sensor based sanitizer!) counts as a DIY project. And DIY goes beyond that, since it can also be applied to things like cutting your own hair, sewing your own clothes, decorating a cake, managing your own investments, and so much more.

Subsequently, the term DIY has taken on a broader meaning that covers a wide range of skill sets. DIY has been described as a “self-made-culture”; one of designing, creating, customizing and repairing items or things without any special training. DIY has grown to become a social concept with people sharing ideas, designs, techniques, methods and finished projects with one another either online or in person.

DIY can be seen as a cultural reaction in modern technological society to increasing academic specialization and economic specialization which brings people into contact with only a tiny focus area within the larger context, positioning DIY as a venue for holistic engagement.

We at Shape Of Life have created DIY projects which can be done with your family and you can create your own finished product with multiple uses.

If you want to know more about our DIY projects please click here.

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