Indoor Gardening and Air Purifying Plants

Indoor gardening can best be described as overcoming the lack of natural space by creating an artificial garden environment in your home with the added benefit of breathing purified air. It is beneficial for those living in homes or apartments where there is no land to garden on. It’s also perfect for gardeners who would still like to have fresh produce during the cold winter months.

Indoor plants create chemical energy to fuel their growth using photosynthesis, a system that uses carbon dioxide and water to make glucose. In the process they also produce oxygen. In short, plants “breathe” the opposite of how humans do. They take carbon dioxide in and release oxygen out. When you grow plants in your home, this process causes them to act as natural air purifiers. Many plants can also help filter airborne toxins, dust, and germs. These air-filtering plants include English ivy, snake plants, spider plants, and chrysanthemums.

Plants that Improve Air Quality in Homes:

  1. Spider Plant
    The air in our homes is filled with formaldehyde, making it polluted and unhealthy. Spider plants can be used to fight this element and purify the home air naturally.
  2. Peace Lily
    Also known as spathiphyllum, this amazing plant is a natural air purifier and is often found at entrances to hotels and homes due to its purifying capabilities and good looks,
  3. Boston Fern
    This indoor plant is a great option for offices and homes and can tackle dust, smoke, benzene and more.
  4. Snake Plant
    A snake plant not only looks thick, voluminous and stunning and also generates oxygen at nights.
  5. Bamboo
    Bamboo is a beautiful green plant which is used in Asian homes for air purification and for fresh air generation, especially in areas that receive bright sunlight.
  6. Aloe Vera
    This amazing plant has numerous benefits and applications. Aloe Vera gel is used for beauty, health and hair care and it also removes all toxic substances and chemicals from the atmosphere.
  7. Basil
    With its strong fragrance, the holy basil has air-purifying benefits. The basil plant releases oxygen making the air around it better and breathable.
  8. Neem Plant
    an amazing plant – which can absorb 90% of the dust around it – Planting a neem tree around one’s home or in the garden is a great idea.
  9. Golden Pathos
    Considered to be one of the most effective air purifying plants, Golden Pathos is a must have if you love gardening and planting beautiful trees and plants in your home.
  10. Lady Palm
    Lady Palm Plant beside your windows for natural and purified air to enter your home. This plant can tolerate high temperatures and still give you fresh purified air.

Benefits of Indoor Gardening:

Decor and Enjoyment

A popular reason for indoor gardening is the lovely ambiance fresh flowers and crisp green leaves can provide. Filling your home with living plants gives your decor a vibrancy that knick knacks and throw blankets just can’t achieve. Many people just love gardening as a hobby but can’t do it outside due to weather or yard space. Even in a small apartment, there are ways to squeeze some potted or hanging plants in.

Indoor Gardening for Food

A more practical reason for indoor gardening is to reap the fruits of your labor. Many herbs will thrive in an indoor herb garden. Fruits and vegetables can be grown indoors as well. Although growing, tomatoes and lettuces will be a little easier than others. With the right care, nearly any environment can create the perfect conditions for whatever you’re trying to grow.

Air Quality

Plants are fantastic air purifiers. While you may want to fill your home with lush green leaves for the decor, a room full of plants could improve the air quality too. Not only do plants produce oxygen, but they can absorb contaminants from the air like benzene and formaldehyde. The microorganisms in the soil play a part in cleaning indoor air as well.

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