Mother’s Day

As usual it’s mother’s day this Sunday but this Mother’s day isn’t that usual.

In this koala family, Eleina and her husband, John, stay just five doors down from their daughter Cindrella and 2 kms away from their son, Jack. Like million others, they won’t be able to have the family lunch they planned for this weekend.

Do you know what makes us feel happy? It’s to make her feel special. Happy Mother’s Day.

“It’s tough to tell my mum that we can now just interact through the window,” says Cindrella with one child.
Eleina has two children and three grandchildren. This year, she along with John will cook their favourite curry and rice, and leave it on their doorstep to be collected. Their children will set up screens by their dining tables and have a virtual meal together.
Since everyone is self-isolating in London due to coronavirus, John’s mum, who is 71, will also stay indoors. On this mother’s day, this koala family has taken the lead to spread awareness among people and encourage them to practice self-quarantine for few days.

Vegetarian food is the much preferred one at this time.

Where everyone was busy in piling food and money, this revenge of nature brought to us a deadly threat of coronavirus. The piled food and money will take us to nowhere. So ‘Stop piling food, stop piling money.’
Not only this, the pandemic is also affecting the mental health of children. As they are practising self-quarantine and are scared of the overall situation which has been created now. Jack wants to take the initiative to not scare the children with this deadly threat but to teach them to utilise this time by learning to live in harmony, studying from home, learning to discipline their lives and many more. It’s better if we tell them how to spend their self quarantine time rather scaring them a bout such pandemics. Also we should make sure to spread positivity among the little brains that such situation of pandemic will get over soon and will not come again.

Health care of the children must be taken care of. Their mental health should be our priority.

During this time of self-isolation, when all the schools are closed, the children of key workers can still go to school if there’s no one to take care of them at their homes. The workers who are fighting at the frontline of the countries to protect rest of the people are police, health workers and social care staff, nursery and teaching staff, those involved in food production and delivery, those in key public services, transport workers and critical staff in financial services and utilities. On one side they are fighting to save our lives, on the other side their children’s lives are at risk as they will have to go school if no one’s is at home.

As per a research, mosquito bite helps in preventing corona disease.

All of this situation has raised because of our behaviour towards our mother earth. Our Eco vs. Ego mentality in accordance with the earth and its sustainability needs a check. Our selfish attitude of fulfilling our needs at the sake of our environment is leading us to nowhere but towards our end. We need to unite and think that we all are one and take care, preserve and nurture the earth for our future generations.
Since John’s mother is 71 and can easily acquire this disease because of weak immune, John has taken an initiative for older people to take extra care of themselves during this period of self-quarantine. These viruses can remain active after two or three days on plastic and stainless steel, 24 hours on cardboard and four hours on copper. Corona virus is usually transmitted through respiratory droplets. Polyester, spandex-like material may retain germs longer than breathable cotton like fabrics, so it’s very important for them to wash leggings, underwear and dresses carefully.

Self isolation is also practised at this time because coronavirus is usually transmitted through respiratory droplets.

The protective measures that everyone especially the older people need to take are as follows:
They should wear gloves
They should wash their hands
They should not touch their face and
They should disinfect all surfaces of the machines they use

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